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Headframe Spirits

 Specialty cocktails created with craft spirits which pay tribute to the history of Butte, America.

Headframe Spirits is a micro-distillery located at 21 S. Montana Street in historic uptown Butte. Owners, John and Courtney McKee founded the company in 2010, opening the Tasting Room doors in 2012. Standing on the confluence of four lodes of ore, in the historic Schumacher Building, our company operates with the deepest respect for the history of Butte and the legacy of the mines and the people who worked there. Our spirits are named after the headframes and the mines that stood as a testament to Butte’s industry and resilience. Those spirits include our popular Orphan Girl Bourbon Cream Liqueur, Neversweat Bourbon, High Ore Vodka, Anselmo Gin, Destroying Angel Rye Whiskey, and several limited edition spirits over the years.

During 2018 alone, Headframe Spirits consumed 142,000 lbs. of Montana milled grain and distilled 12,878 gallons of whiskey, bourbon, vodka, and gin from that grain. We packaged over 60,000 bottles of our spirits for distribution to the state of Montana and the 16 other states to which we proudly export our products. We love sharing the history of Butte, America out in the world. As our saying goes, “Every Drop is Made with Respect.”

In 2017, Headframe was proud to announce our status as a Certified B Corporation. As one of only seven organizations in Montana to be recognized as such, we believe in making the world a better place through social and environmental performance and giving back to our community.

Headframe Spirits Manufacturing has revolutionized the micro-distilling industry by replacing historic “batch” distillation with “continuous flow” distillation. These stills are elevating the way micro-distilleries operate and compete on a global scale. Columns replace pots for a production process capable of processing 1,000 gallons of fermented wash a day. The stills are manufactured right here in Butte, America and are sold to micro-distilleries across the country, Canada, and most recently the UK. From mineral-rich snowmelt from the Continental Divide, to cutting-edge technology, to the Montana made spirit in your glass, Headframe Spirits brings you not only a great spirit but also a nod to our precious Montana history.


For more information, visit www.headframespirits.com and www.headframestills.com

21 S Montana Street

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