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Flyboard of Montana

Now you can achieve your ultimate dreams of flight in one extreme experience!

Fly with Flyboard of Montana

Flyboard® is at the cutting edge of extreme water sports. Find your balance with this water powered board and you will be flying through the air like Iron Man or swimming like a dolphin in no time. The intuitiveness of the Flyboard, along with the assistance of an instructor, has most people flying high in under 10 minutes. Flyboard is for everybody 18 and older, so come and experience Flyboard for yourself today!

After only 20 minutes in the water you could easily master basic flight control of your movements over the water. Some people may have a natural ability and a faster learning curve, but all will have a lot of fun during their first flight and it only gets better after each flight. Most people have found that they are more then twice as good on their second flight.

Your Flyboard encounter comes with detailed one-on-one operations and safety training to ensure you’re satisfied with your Flyboard experience

What is a FlyBoard?

A jet propelled license to fun. Strap on a board, similar to a wake board, and in no time you can be propelled straight out of the water. Anyone can pilot the board, that is over 18 years old, with 10 minutes of training.

How Difficult is FlyBoarding?

It is very easy. Most people after 5-10 minutes are being propelled out of the water on the fly board. The learning curve is small with instruction from our awesome guides, you will be flying in no time.

Where can I try a FlyBoard?

We are flying on the crystal clear waters of Whitefish Lake, Whitefish, Montana, in the shadow of Big Mountain, near the Crown of Continent, Glacier National Park. Come visit Montana. Book a Flight Now!

We also have a selected boats available for rental.

City Beach, Whitefish

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